Cleaning up the spruit

Posted by Jay Litabe on  June 13, 2022
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Assist the elderly…. Many of us can expect to live well into our 80s as life expectancy rises, but this can also bring new worries, especially for those who don’t have loved ones to help when daily duties grow harder. What happens, for example, to a senior who does not have children to care for them? Or if their spouse, who did the majority of the day-to-day duties, passes away unexpectedly? That is why it
Feed the Hungry... Children are not the only ones going hungry. Many parents sacrifice their own meal to ensure their children have something to eat. Whilst estimates differ, Statistics South Africa’s General Household Survey found that 7.4 million people reported experiencing hunger in 2016. A different measure showed that 12.3 million people experienced inadequate food. Regardless, we know there are many, many people in our country who don’t have enough to eat. 3 Reviews arachni_name
Caring for Pets... Pets, like people, require food that is tailored to their individual nutritional requirements. Dog foods are made to satisfy the nutritional demands of dogs, while cat foods are made to meet the nutritional needs of cats. Importantly, their nutritional requirements are vastly different. Puppies and older dogs require different types of food. Special diets may be required for pets with health problems. Table scraps are normally not good for dogs and cats